Still sunny and funny, bright and light.

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We have been storm dodging again. Tropical Storm Don gave reason to move Ngoma and then, once sure our attention was really focused,  went from 50 to 60kts to a friendly 30 to 40kts and decided to fade even more before reaching the new anchorage.

Ngoma is back in her usual place now, all quiet on this western front.  Sun shining, crew joking again, much less anxious and lighthearted!

Hope you are all enjoying calm environments, wherever you are.

…………aaand……… we’re back again!

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Lost and found – I am able to use my e-mail again.  Looking forward to hearing

from you.




St. Lucia to Grenada … and off again

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From Jambe de Bois on Pidgeon Island in St. Lucia to Prickly Bay in Grenada.

Robin and I had lunch with friends in Jambe de Bois, a unique place on St. Lucia.  We provisioned the boat, sailed to the Pitons, picked up our guests and headed for Grenada, via Bequia, Union Island, Tobago Cays.  Long trips at sea and days of snorkelling over the reefs and here we are again – in Grenada.

Once again, we will be sailing off and out of touch for a while, back at the end of April.


Back from Sailing again

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At Anchor again, for a few more days, then off again.  Well, we wanted to have an interesting life and we certainly have.

Went to the cooking class at The Dodgy Dock on Thursday – Pumpkin soup was delicious and I learned some more about the local approach to cooking.


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The boat, crew and water are all ready for our next visitors, who are flying to us at 0730hrs Grenadian time, landing here at 2015hrs.  Long flights.  Rest and recuperation waiting.

Back on-line at the end of the month when we return.