“Just something we’ve always wanted to do”

We are a husband and wife crew, Robin and Sandra, sailing the seas because we love sailing and we can.  We left the shores in 2003 for a life afloat and after sailing round France and England for a bit, crossed the Atlantic to the British Virgin Islands.  We were graciously received by the populations of the islands of the Caribbean, love all the islands we have visited and have been sailing in their waters for the past seven seasons.  Now we feel it is time to share our boat and the Caribbean way of life with others and we would love to do so with you.

We are retirees in that we do not work at our “normal” jobs any more but actually that only meant, for us, that we changed our occupations and work in a different way, on board our boat, Ngoma instead.

Ngoma is a 39 foot Lavezzi catamaran from the yard of Fountaine Pajot in La Rochelle in France. We went to the yard when she was just beginning her life as a heap of materials and went back and collected her from there when she was fully grown and about to be launched. We have been together ever since and we are all very happy about the association. She looks after us very well and we try to do the same for her.

With us on board, she will also accommodate another three people in good comfort (4 at a little squeeze). Ngoma has two private cabins in one of her hulls, on the left (port) side, which have a w.c. with hand basin and shower between them, available for occupation.

Our normal travelling takes us north each winter from the end of November as far as Martinique and then we return south again for the summer season which starts at the end of June.  We visit many of the islands in between Grenada and Martinique, staying for short periods at each island and enjoying the unique life each offers.

We do not live luxuriously, but we do live well. Plain cooking, good company and relaxed living is the usual daily round, with the occasional burst of activity associated with actually sailing from place to place.

Our itinerary is to be found under “book your trip”, please have a look and see if any of the suggestions interest you.  If you would like something a little more tailored, we will always try and make arrangements to suit what you want and would welcome hearing where you would prefer to go and what you would like to do.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in contact with us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.











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